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TV Productions

The team at Video and TV have over 25 years of broadcast experience making programming for channels including BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, Sky One, Animal Planet, MTV, Sky Sports and Eurosport to name a few.
Broadcast TV requires much higher levels of production value than what has become accepted as “Video Production”. This is where we learnt our craft and all of our work benefits from this inbuilt quality control.
This doesn’t mean our productions have to be expensive, equipment rates have tumbled over recent years and we pass that saving onto broadcasters and corporate clients alike.
We’ve worked with everyone from Davina McCall to Robbie Williams, U2 to The Three Tenors and beyond.
Producer Alan Howard has made 2 x programmes for Channel 4 that were nominated for Royal Television Society Awards for Best Factual Programming and Best Documentary Series. He developed and created of a raft of “Pyschic TV” programming starting with “6ixth Sense with Colin Fry” a hugely popular series that sold worldwide and is still being replayed on Sky TV in 2019. He also series produced Wildlife Crime Files for Channel 5, and was Producer Director on Natural Born Fighters (Channel 5), Moving People (Channel 5), Pet Passport (Animal Planet), New York Tranny School (Channel 4),Unlikely Lovers (ITV), A Different Life (Channel 5).   
We’re currently supplying Sky Channel 900 with an 8 camera live Outside Broadcast cover boxing events out of the O2 in London.



BKB Sampler

Lafferty v Goodjohn

Gillette Fear Challenge

Online Videos

You and your business is the sole focus for ours.

We use our experience of 25 years making broadcast TV, to showcase the high quality products and services you offer, in their very best light.

You may be an extremely experienced marketing professional accustomed to producing your own scripts, and you may need us simply to film packages in your predefined style, (we have several blue chip clients like this).

You may be one of the growing number of marketing directors or staff, who have been thrown into a world they have little experience of. How do you judge a reasonable budget when prices and experience vary so wildly? How do you turn your requirements for a video into a successful project, and how do you measure that success any way? Do you really know what’s happening within your business, large or small, that would translate into this new video sharing world? And how do you turn that sharing into profit?

You may be an entrepreneur looking for a funding video for your new project or business, facing the obvious question, how can you raise money for your venture without exposing yourself too much at this very early stage? Surely a “cheap” video isn’t the answer, but how to get quality and value?

We work with all of the above and have a great lasting relationship with all of our clients.

The fact you’re here means you already know the video is essential in today’s online world, but just in case you had any doubts just type “Is video important for my website?” in Google….

Gorgeous Greens

A series of online videos promoting Chris James nutritional products. The aim of which was to show the high quality of the products by association with a high quality video. We are currently working on a series of testimonial videos from Chris’s happy clients.

Jan-Phillipp Simen

Part of a series of testimonial videos shot for Databricks highlighting their services to many Blue chip companies including Shell, Autotrader, Nielsen and Magneti Marelli amongst others. Filmed on a tight budget during a conference with all attendees present made this an extremely good value series of videos.

Grand Canyon S

Part of 3 year contract to supply Haymarket publishing with in-depth reviews of caravans and motorhomes for customers very close to buying. Working closely with the magazine’s journalists as presenters we would direct the performance and guide them in turning text based reviews into video reviews.


In the age of internet video, corporate communication is an essential tool for any company. Showing a strong confident identity, shot and edited to a broadcast standard, has become what the public expect.
The extra possibilities of leveraging social media to further spread your message, makes video the most cost effective marketing medium currently available.
We’ve been making corporate video for over 15 years now, based a solid grounding in broadcast TV with all of the associated production values, but with far less of the cost issues associated with broadcast TV.
Executive Interviews
For investor updates, company announcements or video press releases.
Business Overviews
An introduction to your company, its skills, specialities and benefits.
Corporate Responsibilty
A great way to show the world your company’s charitable work.
Events & Conferences
Large or small, in house or external, videos to promote upcoming, and to archive existing.
Corporate Awaydays
Team Building, management training, staff motivation.
Traditional Corporates
For investor updates, company announcements or video press releases.
Backstage Access
Using your sponsorship packages for added Social Media exposure
Training Videos
Online training, for either staff or the public, is cost effective, practical and convenient.
Branded Events
Spending money on an event for your brand? Maximise the impact with an online video.

Showcase Products
Demonstrations and taster videos have never been so effective.


ABB South Staffs Water

Karl's Cut

Big Data Week


Producer Director Alan Howard started his career at MTV Europe being one of the original studio staff. He left 7 years later as a Senior Producer Director having worked with everyone from U2 to David Bowie to Robbie Williams to Meatloaf.



He created and produced the hugely successful Rays Requests and MTV’s Most Wanted with Ray Cokes, a multi award winning Live TV programme that aired 4 nights a week in primetime and regularly pulled in millions of viewers from across Europe. Guests included every big music star of the time including Bon Jovi, The Cure, Aerosmith, ACDC, Kylie Minogue, Take That and Meatloaf both of whom took stints as presenters when the main host was away.


Director Justin Murphy went on to travel the globe with U2, direct the Three Tenors from Hyde Park, and tour with fellow Ozzie Kylie Minogue.

PR Stunts

We make stories that you can use to get MUCH more coverage for your publicity campaign. The video to the right covered an event put on for journalists, and after we got it placed on Eurosport was seen by far more TV viewers than magazine readers.


Online video can raise awareness like nothing else and combined with a good social media campaign viewing figures can be astronomical.

Gillette Fear Challenge

Events & Seminars

Whether it’s promoting an upcoming event,  recording an event for posterity, or capturing this years event to promote next years, we have the perfect video solution for you.


Combining information and relevance with entertainment is key to ensuring people watch your content and make the preferred end action, ie making a booking, clicking a link or simply making sure they put next years event in their diary!


Your event could be anything from a team building exercise for your company to an event within the local community to a PR stunt, we can make a highlights video that shows the world just how fantastic it really was.


We’re proud to be the preferred supplier for all events at FabLab London, which has seen us producing videos for Danone and the government back Knowledge Transfer Network as well as producing internal, and external communication videos.


In terms of PR stunts we’ve filmed Dragsters in Marble Arch, dangled over the edge of Table Mountain in South Africa, and look forward to our next crazy commission.


We’ve covered conferences of all shapes and sizes and the video below is a good example of a highlights video we made for Zendesk. The brief was to show how the day wasn’t a sales pitch, but an opportunity to network, learn, and also show people what to expect for next years video.

Big Data Week

We have also been covering Big Data Week with the idea of producing a brief overview of the event enticing people to come again next year and also to attract new delegates to the event. 

Community & Festivals

People connect with video on a much deeper level than with text.


Whether you’re showing people what’s available in their area, explaining local policies or promoting a local event, the intimacy and immediacy of video offers you a tried and trusted medium, TV is without doubt the preferred medium of the public.


The videos below show how, with the support of the local newspaper, we promoted the Potters Bar Carnival, along with local businesses and services, in the weeks leading up to the event, something which caused a significant increase in footfall, whilst also highlighting local good causes.


We’d love to chat about how to turn local authority events into entertaining and relevant videos for the public.

Potters Bar Carnival 1

Potters Bar Carnival 2

Potters Bar Carnival 3

St Peters

About Us

Enthusiasm for new projects, experience, and excitement at what the web can do for your business, is at the core of what keeps us working.


We love the fact that with a well laid out website, the right marketing tools (ie lots of video), and a great idea, any organisation, large or small, young or old, can make a big dent in established marketplaces.


The world is changing and rather than cling to our established roots in Broadcast TV, we’ve wholly embraced the flexibility and possibilities of the web. 


Whether its corporate video, web TV, charity videos or conference videos, we’re very happy to work either with teams of experienced professionals to deliver broadcast quality footage, or to help out newer teams and take on the full production role, from concept to delivery.

Meet The Team

Alan Howard

With over 25 years producing and editing TV for the likes of ITV, Channel 4, channel 5, MTV, The Discovery Channel and Eurosport, there's very little he's not covered. He's written hundreds of scripts, filmed and edited over 200 hours of TV programming, developed many projects from the germ of an idea into fully commissioned TV programmes, and had 2 x of his programmes nominated at The Royal Television Society Awards.

Ikki Dhesi

Ikki has a long term background in producing creative, edgy (when required) content. He's produced, directed and edited videos for clients including Tiny Temper, The Saturdays, Azekel and Scorcher. He regularly produces content for Casio keyboards, G Shock Watches, Beats by Dre. He's a Man United Fan who lives in West Brom ... go figure.

Gemma Samuels

Gemma is a hugely talented singer who we first approached about some presenting work which she proved to be a natural at. She's worked on many projects for us either as presenter or production assistant / co ordinator, and occasionally as both. A dog loving workaholic, Gemma's been forced to slow things down a little after becoming a Mum

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We welcome enquiries,  and are happy to answer your questions about the process and offer general guidance, as well as quotes and pitches.


Whilst many of our clients are experienced in the world of video production, we also realise that online video production is a new world for many marketing departments, and have often worked with new media managers who are less experienced in video production, whether that’s from the concept stage, the planning stage or the post production stage.


Rest assured we are a safe pair of hands and work with companies that are new to this area to help identify what your specific video needs are, whilst keeping you in control of concepts, budgets and the overall project at all times.

All enquiries are dealt with in strict confidence with no obligation.